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  1. Indie Marketing part 2

    Following my last blog, I went ahead and revamped one of my idle websites and relaunched it. The site is called Indie Press Release.

    Check it out:

    What the site is designed to do is help you learn to do the things that you would normally pay someone else to do. Folks, its easier than you think. A press release seems complex, but in reality, its just pimping your product. You are telling the press how cool it is and why they should cover it. ...
  2. Indie Marketing

    I was reading an article not too long ago where the author was talking about how one of the biggest problems that writers have when writing a novel is that they don't know the ending before they start writing the story -- they just begin writing and the next thing they know... they are lost! The goal of the article was that before investing time into the enterprise, you should know the plan -- from start to finish.

    Indie games always tend to be looked at the same way that sports ...