The Hollow Dawn is a new story driven survival horror game set in a 17th century fantasy world. You will find a rich in depth story focused around the part one man plays in a great Apocalyptic war which threatens the existence of the kingdom he inhabits. You play as a young lieutenant who has just been posted to a garrison defending a key naval coastal town. It is not long before you and your comrades are in the thick of it and fighting for your lives at first against the rebels threatening your kingdom but there bombardment is followed up by creatures thought to be long dead...

Anyway the game itself will feature a campaign and a survival mode. There may also be a possibility of multi-player if we think there's enough people playing it to create this option. We hope to have it finished by Christmas at the earliest or early 2014 and we intend to give it out for free! So give us some feedback in a month or so when the trailer comes out and feel free to post your thoughts.

Check out the link to are steam concept page for a trailer!

Feature list :
- 5 level campaign with complete with cut scenes
- Survival mode currently features 2 levels
- leaderboard which updates your survival score to the website
- much more...

Website :

steam concept page :

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