I'm very happy to announce that Moon Boing, an upcoming game for iOS and Android systems, is ready for beta testers to get bouncing around in. iOS gamers can try it out right now (well, once you've gone through the dead easy registration), and Android owners can try it out soon.

Moon Boing?
A 3D platform game where you guide an astronaut on a moonwalking voyage of discovery. Hop, powerspring, avoid, time and tractor beam your way through challenging courses as you attempt to reach and uncover the secrets of a mysterious, possibly living floating statue.

Okeydokey. Where Do I Sign Up?
Awesome! Here: http://tflig.ht/19cfsLy

Maaaaybe. Show me!

Really simple controls and a gentle learning curve: easy to learn...

...but stick around for the spinning blocks and mines, and you'll uncover a real challenge!

Luscious Comic Sequences

Tricky Tractor Beams

Things that explode... don't let one of those things be you!

Any more details?
  • Available on iPhone 3GS and up
  • Unique gameplay - nothing like this on any mobile known to man (I think. Let me know if I'm wrong )
  • Old-style shareware-kinda model - try for free, then pay a modest sum to unlock the whole game
  • Looks like a fun platformer, plays like a fun platformer - until you get to know the jetpack momentum system and learn how to triple-star each level like a boss!
  • Release will be in time for Christmas
  • Android and Amazon Store versions to come soon

I'll be happy to provide more information. You can also check out the Moon Boing website.

I look forward to checking out your feedback and seeing what your experiences are!



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