If you're a fan of top down exploration shooters like Asteroids and enjoy the Tower Defense genre, you might want to check out SBX: Invasion. It combines free form building elements with fast action game play to create a frenetic, fun experience. We took the Tower Defense Genre and removed a lot of arbitrary building restrictions and then cranked up the action a lot.

SBX: Invasion features:

  • Free form building: No longer do you have to build only in certain areas. Build wherever you see fit with our flexible building system.
  • Dynamic AI Pathing and Strategies: Enemy Units will adjust to your defenses and have varying strategies to take you down. Learning the different Enemy types will be crucial to your success.
  • Massive Bosses: Fight gigantean battle cruisers and orbital satellites as you defend each stage from the invading armies.
  • Custom Map Creator: Create your own maps and share them with friends! Endless fun is at your fingertips with our easy to use Map Creator.

Greenlight Page:

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight at: Our Greenlight Page

On our Greenlight Page you'll see the latest video and screen shots from the game as well so check it out!

Demo Download:

There is also a FREE Demo of the latest version of the game at: Indie DB

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