Now that you've posted in the forums about your latest indie projects (and we really appreciate you sharing your amazing games with us!), if you want to further reach out to the IGM audience, the best next step is to join our new community-driven Indie GamePlay site. It's an open platform for streamers and developers to come together and showcase their content. If you already host development streams, I would love for you to join our growing StreamTeam and build a Content Hub, where our indie-minded audience can find your live broadcasts.

If you don't stream your games just yet, that's perfectly fine too! GamePlay can be used to build a Gamer Kit (think press kit, but full of rich multimedia that will better engage your audience), so our eager fans can see and hear all about your latest indie games. As an additional bonus, all registered members of GamePlay can request that members of our StreamTeam play their games during a stream session. The GamePlay section right here on the IGM forums is where streamers and devs can meet-and-greet, collaborate, and find out about the latest GamePlay-centric events. Please don't hesitate to contact any of our StreamTeam members about playing your games on stream. (Every streamer's contact info can be found in the "Contact" section of their GamePlay Content Hubs.) As we say on GamePlay, Come play some games!

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