Hi guys,

I want to tell you about a game currently developed by my two good friends. Itís called CivCraft and itís main concept is itís combination of FPS and RTS. You play as a king from a fantasy realm called Ellaria and your main goal is to rebuild your kingdom and restore itís former glory.

When playing from first person perspective, you go on quests, fight enemies and magical creatures and search for special artifacts. On the other hand, when managing your kingdom, you develop buildings, get resources and expand your kingdom in general.

Another great features of CivCraft are itís innovative AI technology, which learns your moves and gets better according to them, and the almost infinite open world which allows you to explore it for endless hours.

First trailer of the game along with itís first playable demo will be available soon, meanwhile you can read more about CivCraft features here: http://www.civcraftgame.com/

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