Hi All,

I just wanted to share the game I've been working on.

In Exilium is a hack & slash RPG, similar in gameplay to games like diablo. However, I wanted to try and create something focused more on discovery and exploration rather than creating an expansive RPG world with deep intricate characters, quests and an elaborate story. So, In Exilium has no other characters, no quests, and a very minimalistic story. The general premise is you play as a King who was exiled to a strange hostile world by some sort of a dark force. Your goal is to explore and discover why you were exiled and how to return, with plenty of hack and slash combat and randomized loot.

I post development videos regularly on my youtube channel, here is the latest progress video:

Also, for those interested in Game Design, I wrote an article about my design philosophy when creating the game: http://www.confluxgames.com/in-exilium-design-goals/

You can find the games site here: http://www.exiliumgame.com

And to follow development
- http://www.twitter.com/ConfluxGames
- http://www.youtube.com/ConfluxGames
- http://www.confluxgames.com

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