Hello everyone,

I am delighted to introduce the premiere Hellscape Games title, Intergalactic Bubbles, a bubble shooter with full 3D graphics and physics.

  • Advances classic bubble shooter action into the 21st century with dynamic physics!
  • Bubbles actively move, swing, bounce, and explode!
  • As you progress, you collect stars that you can use to increase your power!
  • Combine 3 stellar powers to pop tons of bubbles!
  • You will need careful timing and precise aim to get through the ever more difficult levels!

Check out the pre-release screenshots below:
IGB_MainMenu.jpg BubbleShooter21C.jpg LevelEnd.jpg Upgrades.jpg MaxColors.jpg

Intergalactic Bubbles will be released soon, and this post will be updated with links to storefront options as soon as they are available.

You can find out more about Hellscape Games and Intergalactic Bubbles at HellscapeGames.com. You can also find Hellscape Games on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of updates and release schedules.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

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