Stutter Plane - "The Better Flappy Bird"

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Your on a journey with your plane trough different settings when suddenly your plane's engine begins to stutter. Tap the screen to keep flying. Fly trough 4 awesome worlds with 4 different planes. Learn to master 3 exciting game modes: Classic Mode: Earn points by passing obstacles. Reach for the Stars: Earn points by collecting stars. Stall Mode: Like Classic Mode but waaay faster (HARDCORE). Show your friends who's the BOSS!

4 Awesome Worlds
4 Different Planes
3 Exciting Game Modes
Online Leaderboards (coming soon)
Easy-to-understand On-Screen-Tutorials
Easy to learn, hard to master One-Finger-Gameplay

-Exciting new sound effects will added
-Leaderboard Integration


The menu screen showing the 3 available game modes

Each game mode is introduced by an on-screen-tutorial

Actual gameplay screenshot

Game over :(

Please check this game out as a lot of work and effort went into it. This is my first game that made in into the Play Store, so i would love to hear some feedback.

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