Super Mutant Alien Assault is a sci-fi, arena combat, action platformer game, about a ships robot that must fight off an alien assault. These aliens mutate when coming into contact with the ships radioactive fuel, turning already dangerous enemies into vicious monstrosities. Weapons and explosives are limited, and randomly dispensed by the ships weapon vending machines. With random weapons, and semi-random levels, skill is your only chance at survival.

  • [li]High impact, skill-based combat.[/li]
    [li]Semi random levels, so no play through of a level will be exactly the same.[/li]
    [li]Short, but challanging levels, for quick intense game play sessions, in a game that not only respects your time, but understands its limited.[/li]
    [li]Customizable combat options, in the form of sidearms, defensive abilities, special abilities and perks.[/li]
    [li]Optional local co-op play[/li]

The Team
My name is Chris Suffern. I'm a one man (many hats) developer that is currently handling everything on the game except art. My very talented free lance artists name is Fabian Jastremski. I'm working on the game part time. Game music will be sourced elsewhere or made by a free lancer as well.

Current Progress
I estimate the game is about 30% done at the time of writing this. Most of the work so far was redoing everything from my first game (Mutant Alien Assault) in Game Maker. The first game was made in Flash with Flixel. I've made many changes and improvements to the game during this progress, pretty much re-writing and re-thinking everything from scratch. Now whats left is all the new systems, weapons, abilies, enemies, level modes, and levels.

Whats Important to Me
Whats important to me is tight controls, pre-level strategy (customization), dynamic game play, and skillful tactical combat. I won't elaborate on those things right now, but I will say that I enjoy combat that keeps me on my toes, gives me lots of combat options, and lets me do fun or ninja like stuff. Randomized weapons and enemies will keep me on my toes. Pre level load out options will give me strategy, lots of interactive game elements will keep things dynamic, and sidearms, secondary explosives, special abilities, and defense abilities will give me the fun / tactical / ninja combat. Oh I also love local co-op.

So yeah, I'm basically designing this game for me. To suit my particular tastes for this kind of game. I'm a big believer in designing for yourself anyway, and right now I have the liberty to do just that. So excuse me while I indulge.

I'm using Game Maker so my platform options are pretty good. Right now my focus is PC. And mobile is pretty unlikely as I would never play a game like this with touch screen controls.

Announcement Trailer:

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