My name is Andrew Armstrong from Fermenter. We've just released my game, David, a physics-based platforming boss-fighter, on iOS, Windows, and Mac. We think it's great, and you deserve to play it!


We just got an article on IGM, neat! http://mobile.indiegamemag.com/david-coming-to-ios/
You can check out other reviews on our site above.

You play David, an awfully small abstracted chosen hero tossed into a blissfully simple world overrun by giant culminations of evil physics-beasts. As David, you are given a slingshot-esque gift that you will have to use to conquer your colossus foes. Hold, aim, and fling to attack (Angry Birds style!).

Think Limbo + Shadow of the Colossus + Angry Birds.

Features a 9-level campaign, a survival/arena/rpg mode, a secret basket-ball-pit minigame, and hats! (Additional levels and other content are in the works.)

Page of info goodies! http://www.fermentergames.com/david/
Trailer Video! https://vimeo.com/88035024
Press-kit! http://www.fermentergames.com/press-david

Release Date: Out Now!
Price: $2 (on sale for $1!)
Platforms: iOS (SOON), Windows, MacOSX
Where: DavidIsAGame.com (direct)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send em back to me. Reviews and feedback are super helpful!

Thanks so much. Cheers!
Andrew Armstrong
Lead Developer // FermenterGames.com

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