Deity Quest is an RPG which blends classic pokemon-inspired gameplay with an original 6 vs. 6 battle system and a light-hearted story of divine rivalry.

You play as an ambitious new god recently graduated from the Ethereal Academy. Despite being assigned as a simple lower deity of the world of Aberos, your goal is to become the Overgod, the most influential god of all. To get to the top you’ll have to convert followers to fight for you, support your followers in fast-paced 6 vs. 6 battles, develop your divine magic, and compete with other deities, including your cheeky school rival. The game features large procedurally generated locations to explore, challenging dungeon-crawler-esque quests, and in the extended edition, multiplayer arena battles and trading.

Website: Deity Quest Homepage
Genre: Adventure/RPG (with some strategy elements)
Flash Demo: Deity Quest on Newgrounds
Android Demo: Deity Quest on Google Play
PC/Mac/Win Demos: Deity Quest Downloads on IndieDB
Steam Greenlight: Deity Quest on Steam Greenlight

Deity Quest is my first commercial game release, and it's been in production for about 10 months. I'm both excited and nervous for the release, and am looking forward to any comments, feedback or reviews the IndieGameMag community has for us!

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