Hey guys, we're a small (really small) independent game developer who has a trivia game show app out that we'd love for you all to check out, What D'Ya Know?

The game has three play modes:
- Solo Play in a game show experience with a... umm, not-so-great host
- Competitive Play for head-to-head showdown with family and friends in the game show experience
- Daily Play for a new free question every day

There are two versions of the game:
- Free version: All the functionality of the full version, but bundled with teaser question packs for several games of play
- Full version: Bundled with the original General Knowledge question pack and teasers of other available question packs

Additional question packs can be purchased from within the app, and there are also free question packs available on a variety of topics, including Doctor Who, George Takei, Bodies of Water, and Winter Holidays, with more to come.

The biggest complaints we saw about trivia games and apps were about the poorly written questions, spelling and grammar errors, and incorrect answers. What D'Ya Know? is carefully researched and edited to make sure players have a great trivia game experience.

If you like trivia games, be sure to grab the free app and give it a try:
- iTunes Store
- Google Play store
- Amazon Appstore

You can also visit our web site:

Check out the game's ad:

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