Slizer Battle Management System is the working title for a real time strategy game featuring sci-fi large aircraft and spacecraft battles.

The game currently has little story attached to it, but it will be set during and after the storyline of my first game, Slizer
This game is being developped in the GameMaker: Studio Pro engine with the experience I have gained from my first game.

The art style of the game is symbolic and minimalistic to try to simulate an operating system that would be used by a future military commander to give orders to units.

The current version of the game is v1.16, the current features of the game are listed below.
-Sixteen levels,
-A tutorial,
-Two shops (Purchase Ships, Battlecruiser upgrades)
-Preparation Screen
-Save/Load functions
are available with

-Eight controllable aircraft,
-Six battlecruisers,
-One Secret
-Eleven enemy units,
-Two Bosses,
-Four Useable abbilities (plus five more to unlock at the shop)
-Ten Enemy abbilities
-Five Upgrades,
and almost full RTS controls. The game should be stable, but if there any any issues, bugs, or if you have any constructive criticism, please contact me. The game will be updated frequently."

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